The 100th Anniversary of a Major Event in Astronomy and Space Science History
Space Nuts September 22, 202200:44:1760.88 MB

The 100th Anniversary of a Major Event in Astronomy and Space Science History

Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonHost
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
Space Nuts 323 Show Notes
September 22, 2022

Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.
Space Nuts Episode 323 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Coming up, we're going to be looking at the 100th anniversary of a major event in astronomy and space science involving Einstein, which Fred knows everything about because he's giving a lecture on it tonight. We're also going to talk about Mars because there's been some interesting findings on Mars and it's all to do with vibrations. And listener questions… Jerry wants to know about the threat from solar flares and Tom from Minnesota on calculating distances across the vastness of the universe. That's all to come on this episode of Space Nuts.

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