Solving the Case of the Mysterious Dimming Star
Space Nuts January 06, 2022
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Solving the Case of the Mysterious Dimming Star

Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
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Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.
Space Nuts Episode 286 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
•A James Webb Telescope update…all good news.
•The mystery of a dimming star.
•When it comes to extinction events, Space Nuts is happy to confirm that size doesn’t matter. So, what is the new theory? Fred explains…
•Listener questions: Nick, an Aussie in the UK has questions about Proxima Centauri …and Alex watched the Netflix movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ which has sparked a couple of questions about big rocks hitting Earth. As usual, Fred has the answers.
•Plus…a bonus joke submitted by a listener…
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