Fred's New Telescope Project
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Fred's New Telescope Project

Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.
Space Nuts Episode 315 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Andrew: Hello again. Andrew Dunkley here from the Space Nuts podcast. Hope you’re well, and I hope you can join us on the next episode, episode 315, because we’ve got a lot to talk about. And joining me will be Professor Fred Watson, astronomer at large. What's coming up?
Fred: It we've got a bumper packed show for listeners this week. As always. Going to start off by talking about a brand new telescope that is getting launched not launched into space, but launched into its mission, at Siding Spring Observatory in north-western New South Wales. And we're going to talk about whether we should be looking closer to the sun to find near Earth objects.
Andrew: We will also be answering some audience questions. Andrew from Vancouver is following up what happens next with the New Horizons probe because it's sort of finished its mission couple of years ago. And Neil in Sydney says the sun sucks. Why? We will tell you on the next edition of Space Nuts. Download from your favorite podcast distributor.
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