#432: Virtual Particles & Black Hole Mysteries: Listener Questions Explored
Space Nuts July 07, 2024
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#432: Virtual Particles & Black Hole Mysteries: Listener Questions Explored

Space Nuts Q&A: Virtual Particles, Black Hole Spin, and Black Hole CollisionsJoin Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this intriguing Q&A edition of Space Nuts, where they delve into the mysteries of black holes and virtual particles.Episode Highlights:- **Virtual Particles Explained**: Listener Martin from the Wirral near Liverpool asks about the nature of virtual particles and their role in Hawking radiation. Fred provides clarity on this complex topic and the ongoing debate about their existence.- **What Spins in a Black Hole?**: Michael from Evanston, Illinois, is curious about what exactly spins in a black hole. Fred explains the concept of angular momentum and how it applies to these enigmatic cosmic objects.- **Black Hole Collisions**: Josh from Pennsylvania wonders if two supermassive black holes colliding could result in a piece breaking off. Fred discusses the nature of black hole mergers and why bits of black holes don't break off.

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